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Bouncy 12 juli 2022

God kveld folkens!

Last week brought us the 5k run benchmark and some nice wall balls and front squats on Friday. Some athletes told me today they can still feel that, in their legs or in their emotions.

Well, those athletes had their work cut out today.

After 5 sets of 3 back squats, we moved on to the day's workout "Bouncy". It was Karen in disguise and on steroids; 10 rounds of 15 wall balls, 15 sit-ups, and max rowing in a 2-minute round.

It took some grit and perseverance to keep giving every round your all since resting was non-existent.

Then onto the news... You might have seen it on our social media already.

Kristin Holte is coming to Verftet to teach her Kriger workshop. We have 15 open spots on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of October available for an intimate workshop.

First come, first serve. The early bird gets the worm! More info and booking via

Good push today, never letting your head down an keeping on going even when things get tough!

Sleep tight, see ya soon!




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