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The Other Total - 17th. January. 2022

Back at our classes routine again, feels good to have you all back as a group and enjoying what we throw at you together. For getting us all together as a group again we wanting to get some strength lifting in, so a total came together with power clean, bench press and overhead squats

Wanted everyone to have a awesome time again and see where they are starting again with those lifts of theres. Today robert got a 13kg pr on his power clean and also hit his bench press goal for 2022 already, 6:00 class starting it strong as always. Seniors had a 20min amrap with ski, box step over and lunges, ready for the mountains hahaha

If you missed out on the wodapalooza a crossfit competition in Miami this weekend just gone i recommend watching on youtube it was a awesome event to watch, would love to go there one day and see it for myself

We would like you guys to keep in mind about the covid rules even thou we have got our classes back. Changing rooms are back but please wear a mask when you in there for respect of others and that we clean the equipment after use. Also keep that distance please

We have had a problem with the noccos as we have counted some missing, not sure how or why. So hope you understand that we will be taking a system on how you can purchase things here at verftet until we can make things very smooth. Please make sure you have completed a purchase fully and if not then please see a member of staff here to help you

Nice time having you guys in the room again, see you all tomorrow for another fun and great workout to have - Ben



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