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The Hanging Turkey 21 juni 2023

It is one hundred and fifty five days until thanksgiving, but today we already had the hanging turkey on our menu! That led to another day of challenging bodies and uplifting spirits.

Athletes explored the transformative power of Turkish Get-Ups and Hang Power Cleans. With laced-up shoes, water bottles nearby, they dove into a workout that left them feeling empowered and accomplished!

Section 1: The Turkish Get-Up — The centerpiece of the workout was the Turkish Get-Up, a multi-joint exercise that emphasizes strength and stability. Athletes gracefully transitioned from lying down to standing upright, engaging their cores, shoulders, hips, and legs. This movement not only challenged their physical strength but also strengthened their mental fortitude as they conquered each step with unwavering focus.

Section 2: Unleashing Power with Hang Power Cleans

Next up, athletes unleashed their power with Hang Power Cleans, an explosive and dynamic exercise targeting major muscle groups. Shoulders, traps, glutes, and hamstrings were activated as controlled explosive movements amplified power output. With each rep, they felt the exhilarating surge of energy flowing through their bodies, igniting their inner fire.

Section 3: The Beauty of Combining Both Movements

The true potential of athletes bodies was unlocked by combining the fluidity of Turkish Get-Ups with the explosive intensity of Hang Power Cleans. The harmonious symphony of strength, agility, and balance created by this combination elevated the workout experience to new heights.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in today's invigorating workout that integrated Turkish Get-Ups and Hang Power Cleans. By pushing boundaries and embracing challenges, you have unlocked newfound strength and resilience. CrossFit Verftet is more than just a gym; it's a vibrant community that nurtures growth, both physically and mentally.

Stay motivated, keep pushing, and let your journey at CrossFit Verftet continue to unfold.

Thaddeus & Kristine


This blogpost was written by ChatGPT.

Andreas and Thomas keep raving about this AI tool.

What I have learned about it, that it can only be as good as the commands you give it. Apparently, I havent been training to do a brilliant job at that. Call me old fashioned, but I still like writing some words from the bottom of my heart and my fantasy a bit more. We will meet at the track at Vangen tomorrow for a running workout. If you are not running yet, we have got you covered and will offer an alternative. Sleep tight, T.



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