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"Team Barbara" 28.01.2022

God kveld alle sammen!

It is taco Friday, we played some 90's hits during the WOD and we are ready for the weekend.

Today's workout was one from the "simple, not easy" category.

Basic bodyweight movements, a partner to both push you and give you a little rest while they were working, and 10 rounds for time. As I said, simple, not easy.

There is some magic in seeing somebody still move very controlled and seemingly effortless. Even after 40 minutes. It's a worthy goal to strive to since it means you have proper strength, endurance, body control, and focus to execute that.

Eskild did the first qualifier for the Norwegian Function Fitness championship today. He had a 22-minute AMRAP of rowing, burpees over the rower, and 80m shuttle sprints. Let's see if this fine specimen of a man can make it to the actual competition at the end of this year. Give him a fistbump, some encouragement, and cheer him on like only the community at Verftet can do!

Among all the other training that happened today, the personal training session from Andrea started with warming up the muscles of the cheeks by smiling. Great idea to do, she even wrote it on the whiteboard. See? it says smile, and then all the other movements.

If you are very quick, you can still get a spot in tomorrow's Bring A Friend class at 8. Both the other classes are fully booked and promise to be packed full of fun and a little sweat too. The early bird gets the worm!

We hope to see you at BAF tomorrow. If you are coming in on Sunday cheer on everybody that is doing the Caste Games qualifier workout. Have a great weekend, smile, enjoy life, and keep moving.




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