Stub Hub 6.Juli.2020

For a workout we had for today was a perfect one to start the week off called Stub hub. 2 workouts in one that consists of our famous and best rep scheme to go for when you are wanting a sweat and dont have alot of time. starting with 21-15-9 reps and directly going into 9-15-21, with a 20min timecap.

We look at the picture below and see Intensity being more important then Volume. This is a mistake many make. Looking at workouts being sexy & long instead of simple and beautiful. Like to days workout we have two couplets witch means 2 movements. Total of 45 repetition per exercise, not realy much if you take your time, drink some coffé and talk to your BF. But if you complete to days workout with some intention and effort. It is another story. And that is what we belive will give you great results. And like always it is not about beating the guy on your side. But giving your best effort.

The focus that we wanted to give to our athletes is that the first part of the workout was a grip workout, whilst maintaining there technique. The second part of the workout was the bike having the heart rate up and the test of how long can you hold before dropping that barbell. one of the focuses in this workout would be to focus on sets and breaking the reps down into sets of 3 for each rep scheme.

We have had this news board going for a while now, wondering if you have noticed it. We will be putting events, news and information on one side, whilst the middle is for everyone to write down new personal records. so we can keep up to date with our athletes achievements, the one on the right will be monthly challenges for everyone to try and finish before the end of the months. we hope everyone will use this to there advantage. bottom right will be introducing the newest members of our verftet family and hope everyone will keep them welcomed and show them how great our box is.

In real Verftet standard we are going to make our own “washes”. Not the wash but some fancy micro sement stuff. The guys who do the building could not do it because it was to hard. So then we said that “ok, then we just do it”. Like always we take water over our head, but remember we always land on our feet. And the wash will look nice, even if it takes us 100 takes ;).


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