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Skill Saw

God onsdag bloggen!

Today we had conditioning and a bit of crawling in a 12-minute AMRAP, after the workout we had an accessory movement where we had to do some L Sit progressions on the bar. The focus today was to finish the conditioning part and have time to do as much crawling with dumbbells as possible, it was an easy exercise that everyone managed to do but quite challenging given the circumstances.

Great job today guys, so much fun watching you guys pushing in the paddle to the crawl.

The absolute highlight of the day was this coaching gem:

No matter what shape or size your butt is, you can use it. In it are two sitting bones, which are pretty sharp. You will feel them pointing down if you sit up straight on the hard seat of the rower. That is a good "catch" or forward position. Then when you pull, you should lean back and sit on the softer pillow or steak part of your behind. Your ass has feelings too, and they can be helpful while rowing.

And on that bombshell, I will wish you a great night of sleep. *mic drop* 🤯

John and Thaddeus



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