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Severance Package 14.08.23

SEVERANCE is the act or the instance of separating one thing from another. So if you go to the hairdresser he will severance some hair from your hair :-D

But today it was about separating your Arms from your Body, at least it felt like that.

Today Fun was on top of the list, and yes we had someone getting all the weight to the Dancefloor (Helge), while others worked all the weight (Andreas with 27.5kg).

A lot of Dumbbells over the place. But no one stumbled so thats a WIN :-D

Margarethes Words:

  • Jorunn rocka med 20kg-DB i dag!!

  • Vi er flinke til å heie hverandre frem

  • Frans, Arnbjørn Jr., fulgte hakk i hæl på papsen

So everybody got a decent Strength and Power Portion in, everybody getting ready for a Strength cycle soon to come.

Workout and Scores:

Now don´t forget to book your next appointment with the hairdresser and ha en god kveld!!





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