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Road to Nowhere - 25.November.2022

Only four classes today, and then a whole lot of hours of prepping our facility for the Juleball.

Today's workout had some shuttle runs or burpees on an ascending rep scheme, with a fixed number of push-ups - air squats - and sit-ups in each round. After the last class Johnny summarized it nicely: "Actually, doing the Wonderwoman scale would have been easier for me because it would involve less running".

Also in class today: Jan-Egil, the original Batman. (He too did WonderWoman today, so ordered a new spandex shirt and tights, with a face mask, online with a discount on Black Friday)

Here are a few more pictures of some sweaty people giving a good effort, and Helge hugging the sandbag like it is his favorite teddy bear. 😘

Due to the Juleball preparations, there will be no Bring-A-Friend classes tomorrow. But our room #3 is open for any member that would like to get some training this weekend.

Have a good weekend, if you see somebody without a smile give them one of yours, hope to see you back in our classes on Monday!




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