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Push press + Square up - 25. January. 2022

Hello everyone and hope you had a awesome tuesday, for today we wanted to focus on our presses today getting in on a strong push press and making sure a firm stomach was in and not arching that back. working on that tight form that we can make into workouts and making them so much easier than ever before

Having a sprint of a workout, of course we can make it easy for everyone for a one and done situation. Cause we are doing 4 x 5min sprints, your score was the worst round you did and having you guys focus on that strict press and doing something we dont focus on for everyone and that is single unders. So a big part of everyone can become that wonderwoman level

Today i will do what others wont, so tomorrow i can do what others cant - Mat Fraser

Hope you all had a awesome day and are ready to hit up tomorrows workout see you around guys - Ben



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