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"Press Release" 31.Juli 23

Starting the Week with a Conditioning and Gymnastic Mix. Wallballs slapped some of you in the face after some weeks in vacation and others got hit by some Airsquats oh and don`t forget it was 2400 or 3000 m of Row. Pfff easy - not!

Today our Seniors had some heavy goblet Squat and also a rowing Workout staying fit in their lungs and legs for the activities when you can do whatever you like :-)

!!And to celebrate our community we invite all of you this Friday to meet, drink and talk about some Crossfit Games, watching exactly those at the Sportsbaren this Friday!! We coaches want to see you there and have some good times. ;-D

Meanwhile check the Awesome fotos of you Athletes, todays special: Business Rowing :-D

And here you can see todays Scores:

And now, check out the CrossFit Games Website and dive into the Athletes journeys of the past months. Ha en god kveld!!




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