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Power Clean & Jerks before T.U.P

So now we do the real Deal. T.U.P. as it is intended. 15-12-9--6-3 of Barbell stuff and Pullups. Really fun to see people hitting some Power Clean & Jerk PR´s before. - I heard the Bell Ring quite some time :-D"

So today We saw some great Clean techniques and Pullups Techniques. Margarethe was showing perfekt movement on the Bar! Also we have a new Trend in the Box: Wool Socks to Workout. Watch out winter is coming!🥶

And today we want to spread some knowledge with you:

Some brutal facts !!If your max capacity is to run 30 minutes without stopping at 37 you will bearly be able to walk up the stairs by the 75 . Keep investing in your health folkens!

If you want to dive into some reading the second foto might inspire you to find the right thing to improve on. Keep learning!

Here are todays Workout and Whiteboard:

Ha en god kveld!

M & O



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