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Onsdagsbloggen HGSD - Deadlifts & Pick Me Up; Back Squats & Lights out; BIG Sexy; BAF ; Chipper Fun; The Day Before

Gooooooood Lillelørdag!

It has been a week since the last blog post, and due to the long weekend full of festivities, we have a lot to catch up on. 3, 2, 1, Let's Go!

Fact: CrossFitters often take their tops off.

In sunny weather, CrossFitters take their tops off even more often.

Since this has been the one week in the year when your jar of coconut oil goes liquid in the kitchen cabinet, we saw many athletes confirm this stigma by... taking their tops off.

  • Our part-time coaches had a meeting. Lots of fitness and fitness knowledge in that room. 💪🤯

  • It's lost and found time! Check to see if anything belongs to you before we take what is left and hand it to people who can really use it on Friday.

  • Ronny was lifting all the weights while traveling. The hotel gym did not have any more weights, so to complete his personal remote program, Ronny lifted all the weights at the same time. That's what I call "doing your very best at the moment with what you've got"!

  • As part of our Functional Weightlifting education, Anders Lindsjø is giving a FREE inspirational Talk today from 19.00 to 19.30. All members interested in lifting weights should attend! Simply click "going" at the event to get access.

Wednesday was Deadlifts & Pick Me Up. The early morning sunshine lit up the room, spotlighting the great support athletes gave each other.

On Thursday, we did back squats and then lights out. It's a spicy combo of relatively light hang power snatches with Thrusters on the 2:00. If you went really light, the bonus was you did not have to do many thrusters and just got a little sweat going. Great excuse to take your top off! With a slightly heavier barbell, the number of thrusters quickly crept up close to the number of snatches.

On Friday, most of us watched a parade, had a great time with friends and family, and indulged in some (or more) not-so-healthy snacks and drinks. Nine athletes logged the BIG Sexy workout in SugarWod, a challenging team workout. Saturday brought us another fun BAF day!

Monday was another bonus day, with no group class but still a great crowd showing up in the box to get some training done. I saw a room full of athletes and equipment, which is great sight!

Tuesday got us back to our regular rhythm. No more sweets, ice cream, pølse and drinks all day; back to working out and eating healthy. Our team 3 workout, "The Day Before," got a little spicier than in previous years because of a running route that went up and downhill!

There was a little something for everyone to enjoy, whether it be running, sandbag cleans, echo bikes, or toes to bar. The family duo Eirik & Maria turned into a family trio, with Knut Arne- alternating on watching the twins during rest while Oliver synched along. This is the family duo by the way, that won our Open 24.4 team competition. Printed shirts are now available for pick-up at the reception!

Maren & Monica enjoyed the breeze in their hair on the Echo bike.

Last honorable mention of the week: Eirik Solstrand snuck in during the afternoon to watch the class (and probably make a game plan). Later that evening, he earned a new nickname of Sol(o)strand by completing this workout by himself, with the 150 Lbs bag! He even «enjoyed» the 150lbs sandbag cleans so much that he helped carry it back to the storage after the class. So did Asbjørn with the 120lbs bag. MUCH appreciated by coach Elisabeth, and extra fitness gains as a benefit!

Give that sandbag a hug, Ladybug!




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