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Onsdagbloggen HGSD - Bench Press & Perfect AMRAP ; Pop Quiz.

Goooooooooooooood Lillelørdag Folkens!

It is another Wednesday; we are halfway to the weekend and halfway through the European weightlifting Championships for Masters athletes in town.

You might have seen all these amazingly strong athletes drop into our box to do some final touches in their training before the competition. Some focus on getting back to their limber limbs after long travels. Some move light barbells quickly to feel "snappy." We even had some competitors in the sauna to help make sure they would be in the right weight class before the competition. If you want to see the live competition at the Maritim Hotel, lifting starts daily at 09:00, or you can view the live stream at

Monday: Bench Press 85% & Perfect AMRAP

On Monday, we had another international Bench Press day. We are slowly working our way back up to high percentages, lower reps, and technical proficiency. Like Salt 'n Pepa said: "Ahh, push it, oh push it real good" 🎤🎧

With that sweet chest pump, athletes then went into a 15-minute AMRAP of Dumbbell Snatches, box jumps, and push-ups. Once again, the least fancy-looking exercise dictated the pace; the basic push-up proved to be the linchpin for most athletes. We can't emphasize enough the tier of mechanics, consistency, and only then intensity! This means executing all your push-ups in the same way, before doing a lot (more) of them, before doing them in a harder way.

Tuesday: Pop Quiz

Pop quizzes are fun, they make you think, and they are challenging—just like our workout this Tuesday. Our total working time of 12 minutes was divided into four chunks of 4 minutes. In each of those minutes, after three rounds of push presses, front squats, and pull-ups, the challenge was to collect as many calories on a (rowing) machine as possible. The catch was that the weight of the barbell increased in each consecutive round, and the reps decreased. Fun, makes you think, and is challenging!

Now for today's punchline: there is a new sheriff in town!

Check out this absolute stunner of a specimen of a man (and our chef)!

Mommy, big brother, daddy, and the little fellow are doing fine and will take some time to get used to each other as a family of four. Leave your wishes for them in the comments!

On that high note, have a great day!

Our workout for tomorrow will be at the Vangen track, our annual benchmark!

Time to scoot, little Newt! 🦎

(A newt is a salamander in the subfamily Pleurodelinae. The terrestrial juvenile phase is called an eft.)

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