Nasty Reverse Chipper V.2 – 16.Oktober.2020

Well guys Friday is here and what a workout we have for you today to finish this week off. Today was our Very own Verftet Chipper for you, a classic benchmark for what we all done back in the days. Bringing it back for our athletes to either tryout, or repeat it and see if we got better at it

With a 40min timecap not a lot of time for the usual warmup and time to practice and gradually get to the workout. So today the done a quick wall to wall moving getting the breathing heavy and get the body warm. after that was giving everyone a quick points of performance on all the movements we have in this workout.

Then giving everyone 5min of practice and spec warmup, then we are bringing everyone back in for a chit chat. For today workout we had everyone remember that you did the list, wait for 5min and then work from the bottom of the list back to the top. Which surprised everyone and realised what there in for.

For todays workout, it was not meant for practicing technique and taking your time. but to show off what skill you have learned or made up on your journey with us. So for what version of the movements or weight can master is what we are sticking too. Mindset for today was “fuck it” instead of keeping that tempo and rep count, it was just go for it and try to last out maybe do a little more reps than planned.

3….2….1 then we where off, killing this workout as best as always having some sweat fun and ready for the weekend. Fantastic workout and fantastic with the effort, support and vibe thoughout today, Enjoy the weekend guys you deserve it after today

We also have a new podcast out maybe checking it out will help you along the way. Giving some pointers on stress vs recoverability Enjoy

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