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Member of the Month

Let’s start with a headlight: We got a new member of the month (december of course)! This month, we’d like to ask some special appreciation for our man Andrew! He’s a member for some months now, but already really present in our box. A typical CrossFit-Nerd, always has a question about what to do or why we do it. And since we are quite the CF-nerds ourselves, we never think there’s a question too much. Also, he is always smiling, being positive and seeing his progress instead of the things he might not be able to do yet! Exactly the kind of atmosphere we love so much around Verftet Tomorrow, episode 8 from the VerftetPOD is being released, this time about ”supplements”, but also here we discuss the member of the month. So check out our latest podcast to learn more about the how and why of the member of the month.

The workout

Then, today’s workout. Today’s workout was all about taking a risk in taking a heavier ball or a higher box then expected. With possible finish-times varying from 6:00 to 20:00 minutes, the coaches tried today to give everybody the workout they were coming for.

Today gave us a simple task at hand, 50 50 50, broken every minute by 5 deadlifts. This deadstop every minute to do 5 deadlifts takes out the speed of the wallballs and box jumps, but the deadlifts were also not that heavy that it would complete break up the flow. Moving quickly through the balls and boxes was still good possible. Therefor, some people might need to scale up the workout a bit to still get a good 10 min + workout in. Maybe this meant that you got a higher box, or a heavier ball than what you are normally using. This also means a different gameplan.

If you are used to doing 15 unbroken wallballs with a 14 pound ball, it’s very likely that you can also do 15 unbroken wallballs with a 20 pound ball. But the effect on your body, breathing and muscles is a bit different. Changing your gameplan accordingly to the weight you were using today was a wise decision, if you were looking to not hit a wall 5 minutes into the workout. Of course, the coaches tried to help you guys there all the way. After all, that is what we do.

It was quite the battlefield after the last beep, people crashing and heavy breathing. Lovely soundtrack to bang into the new week. Let the fitness begin!



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