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Kettle Bear 20 [Benchmark] - 4.september.2023

So this week we are starting a Kettlebell Conditioning and Coordination Program.

Starting off with a really fun Workout as our Benchmark for the next 5 Weeks.

5 Different Kettlebell Movements alternated with some Jump Rope work gets the heart going and also our Brain working.

See in the next pictures if you can find a Logo, count how many people are in the air or how many Kettlebells do you count ;-D

Some of our Girls had a comeptition this Weekend !! here are some Impressions from the Event:

If you are asking yourself: I think we won! :-D

And some new things happening in your box too. Andreas had a talk with some students starting a new project for you, Stay tuned we will announce soon what is happening there!

And of course our Coaches never stop learning, here evidence that we are hard working to get better everyday for your training :-D

  • Andreas har student gruppe med seg. Hemmelig hva de skal drive med. Annonseeeeres snart

  • Trenerne har fått innføring i hvordan få hjerne nr. 2

And last but not least, here is todays whiteboard and Scores:

(A bit fast with cleaning the board... SugarWOD will have to do)

Sleep tight,

- Oliver & Margrethe



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