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Hero Wittman 19 December 2024

Always heavy, or long or hard, or heavy and long or hard and heavy and long. Well at least you know there will be a moment of "F**k this shiT"

So 315 Repetitions in total makes this workout so long and heavy. But it is always nice to get your head into it!

Another Hero in the Books!

Keep tracking your progress with these Workouts that will be coming up here and there.

And for Everybody:

Hero Workouts are not just called like that because they are heavy and hard. Crossfit has its origins from the US army and we still rely on the CrossFit Headquarters, that are still very connected to the Army. So every time a sergeant dies in duty they commemorate him with a Workout. So they are actually named after real Persons and they are meant to give you a little extra "thinking" :-D

Now for todays pictures:

Olli wishes you a Merry Christmas and. a happy new Year! He is now for 2 Weeks in vacation and want to remember you his MOBILITY AND FLEXIBILITY Course coming in January!

We will start the 16th of January at 17:30. Sign up via Mindbody before its full! Aleady quite popular!

Dagens resultater:

Have a good night guys, Thomas and Olli.

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