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Friendly Fran – 21.september.2020

For those of you who have seen the CrossFit Games last weekend, this workout might not come as a surprise. Like Fran on itself (21-15-9 Thrusters&Pull-ups) isn´t hard enough, Dave Castro thought it might be a fun idea to make the thrusters a bit heavier, the pull-ups a bit higher and forget about the whole ´going down in reps´.

So we thought, if the professional games athletes can do it, we can do too! The people that have done Fran before, know that the familiar ´Fran-cough´was part of the deal today. Going hard, pushing hard and having a sore chest for the rest of the day, all part of this nice benchmark.

There were many ways for you to attack this workout today: As a competition, going for the fastest time, or as a training, going for learning something new. We personally like the training a lot, because the main goal of your training should be to get better at something. It doesn´t always have to be either the one or the other, but we saw a lot of you doing their highest pull-ups ever, or going for a tiny bit heavier thruster than normally. That´s training guys, that´s getting better. Good jb! Our fastest times at the box today were around the 7-8 minutes mark. Quick? Yes, seriously impressive! The quickest? Hell no.. What about 3 minutes and 11 seconds?!?! Look at the professionals doing it down here:

Speaking about getting better at something: The new VerftetPOD – Podcast is out now on spotify, apple podcast and youtube. The theme of this time is ´How to learn new skills´, full of handy tricks of learning new skills of CrossFit! Next to that, we talk about mindset, setting reachable goals and succeeding in this. Listen now! Spotify & Youtube:

*We are working on getting some professional microphones, so improvements in sound & quality are coming!

Lastly, if you have not seen FAT TO FIT episode 3 yet, Here it is ;).



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