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Fredagsbloggen - Running on Empty, 5k Run, Dead Ball

Vacation Mode is Starting, some are already gone. Some will be gone and other will stay but chill out a lot.

So for all the ones that are getting some sun in another Country here are some Infos how to keep 📈 track of Workouts and how you can make the Workouts count for the 16+ Superstar List.🌟

  • In Sugar WOD we have started a "No Equipment Track" - You will find it under the Announcements where it Says "Verftet Group Class" - This Track has Workouts for you that you can do anywhere. Little to no Equipment needed, so doable anywhere. Log the Result as you would do it with the other Workouts.

  • Another Possibility to get also on the 16+ Superstar List is: every time you do a Workout you go into Wondr and click on the Red Button "Åpen Dør Haugesund" to log in that you are doing a workout.

With these two things we can Track that you are training, you are also communication in SugarWOD to other Athletes that you are still training and another big benefit is for you to see in the full year how many workouts have you actually done. Big time to be proud of yourself and get that extra Spicy Gift for Christmas🥳

And then lets get to Highlights of this week.

Wednesday was a spicy Workout with 6 Rounds of running Double Unders and Power Cleans, building before that to a 85% of Power Clean. Another great day to practice on the Double Unders.

Thursday we went to the Track one more time and had a Blast to go for the 5K Benchmark test. Every Year we test to see where we are and how we are progressing even if we don´t train for running. So this a big test of our Generall Physical Preparedness. Can we run or can we not run?

And it not so much about do I want to run, it is much more about WHAT IF I need to run - better be prepared!

And then Friday had us wishing the Wallballs was not so heavy. Some Math to do in the Team to split up 200 wallballs and 80 Deadlifts did also challenge our brain a little bit.

Ah of course before that we smashed the Frontsquat 85% of this week. getting all the repetitions we needed. So stay tuned for more Next week 90% and then Testing week is up!

To end todays Blogg I would like to quote Henry Ford: "Life is a series of experience, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and griefs which we endure help us in our marching onward."

So in the vacation time collect awesome experiences to share and then keep marching together! Stay safe Folkens, Keep Working out in awesome places!

Verftet Crew



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