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Fredagsbloggen [hgsd]: Deadlifts, Sugar Shack, Sitting Room, BSQ 85%, Rebar | Week 15.24

Start with some Business Highlights for the week 🌟

🎉🎉🥇 Verftet Minde and Haugesund are now 500 Clients, an all-time high 🙏

🎉 Verftet and Thaddeus have just announced a brand new service (!) Pain Killers, read more about it in the Wednesday blog

🎉 6 New Contracts in Haugesund and 10 new contracts at Minde this week

🎉 Oliver sold the largest PT commitment that we have ever sold before. 1 year of Personal Training Membership Premium. 4 PTs per week for one year 💪. That is going to create some Magical Results 😉

CrossFit Teeens

Verftet has an objective to increase the CrossFit Teens service by 100% 💯 🆒, and have a gooood week this week with 7 people on Monday and Thursday and 8 one tuesday. The last year we have been to Little Teens and we want to bring happy fitness to our future also 🌟

We would love it if you could spread the word and help us out ❤️ . They can book a free trial via the website and we will give them 2 or 3 classes if they need that to be sure that this is the place for them

Benefits with the Teens:

  • Great Coaching learning them how to move to get a strong and healthy body

  • Training Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Plus Bring A Friend classes on Wednesday & Saturday

  • Learning by experience that hard work pays off; as you know it is nowhere to hide when the Burpees and Thrusters show up 😂. We help create tough people that are set up to tackle life better 🙏


We hope you are enjoying the strength focus. To get stronger we have to put it some work and we look forward to seeing the results out of the effort and look forwards to testing.

🌟 Thomas jumps on high boxes

🌟 Jakob doing reps at 150kg

🌟 Issa (soon 80 years old) doing the workout Sugar Shack with 60 kg

🌟 FYI, 2 spots available for the CF Senior before it is full 🎉


-Really fun training session today with focus on quality and pushing ourselves on various and challenging movements.

-Sølvi got her first Rope climb all the way to the top today! (unfortunately not pictured ). Congratulations!! :D


-Heavy backsquats today as we are moving through our strngth progression!

-Tough METCOM as a finisher, team 2 AMRAP 9 with both working at the same time.

Lost and found tømmes. Alt er lagt ut, du har fram til neste fredag på å sjekke og plukke opp tingene dine. Vi har vannflasker, klær, sko, briller, nøkler, markeringsvester, sokker og annet rart auksjoneres, gis bort eller kastes etter fredag

Please remember Bring a friend tomorrow, come have fun with Oliver. We promise smoothies, coffee, fun music and awesome people!!



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