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Fredagsbloggen - Free Day Strongman Party, By Annie Means - Common Ground | Week 18.2

Business Highlights 🎉

🦸‍♂️ 58 People on our Super Star List

🌟 6 New Group Class Contracts this week

🧑‍🎨 Andreas & Thaddeus have planned to upgrade our facility with motivational quotes, which aim to inspire, what "Verftet Culture" stands for, and most importantly make you smile :)

💪 Started selling Grips & Jump Rope to give easy access to quality equipment for clients

🏁 Mobility & Flexibility Course started with some tests

👜 Testing selling quality Equipment for you guys, let´s see if you like it! 🙏

This week is again packed with good Movements, Strong Lifts, Heavy Grunts, a lot of Sweat, and Happy People! Wednesday was a Free day but still, a lot of people came in based on the amount of stuff we had to clean up the next day. Thanks! No pun intended, just clean up after yourself next time 🤩

On Thursday our main Event was a combination of the Benchmark Workout "Annie" and 150 Pushups as well as 50 Pullups. Since we have "Murph" coming up we need to get some high Volume Gymnastic Moves in. Take this as a hint to brace yourself for Memorial Day:-d

Some didn´t get enough and finished off with a Tabata Lunges... 🤯

Murph is coming!

Tuesday's Workout was also kind of memorable and Elisabeth our newest Member to the Coaches Team had a Blast that evening with great people:

Wonder teams and power cleans 🫶🏽  Lots of great technique work and teamwork today; some math and strategy also made today’s workout really fun. Olli was the lone man standing for the 19.15 class and thought he would go home without a workout today- until Annette came along and joined him 🤜🏼🤛🏼  A fun coaching day for me- having some time to «nerd» about weightlifting🤓🏋🏼‍♀️

Here is the Nerding, Elisabeth helping athletes with the Bar path APP!!

This week's finisher is heavier than it looks, 🐼, We have Dumbbell hang Snatch, Step Ups, and our beloved ❤️ Burpees. Who thought you would be sweating on this one?

The mobility and Flexibility Course has started, and the Testing is in, so now indulging in the Road to get to know our weak points a little better!

And pointing out some info on what is the difference between Flexibility and Mobility?!

The Flexibility addresses your passive range of Motion in a given Joint. So with an external force or someone pushing you into a position you could not actively reach. That is the reference of how Flexible your Joint is.

Mobility addresses the active Range of Motion, so the Positions you can actively reach and also create a certain force in that Position.

To now get more Flexible a simple stretch can help, but to actually be able to get to this position and do this with our own Strength, so to be mobile, we need to do more than that. We need to create awareness in our Body and also spend time in the end ranges of Motion, only then can get more out of our Muscles, Strength, and Ranges of Motion and this will lead to an overall better feeling in and with our Body 🤓💛

7 Dateien 

Thank you for another great week, hope you enjoy the weather ❤️

God helg gutter og Jenter!

Oliver & Andreas



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