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Fly Away - 19.September.2022

God kveld alle sammen.

Ladies and gentlemen, with start number 112 in the first event, but number 1 in our hearts, and number 1 on the podium after the NM Functional Fitness 2022......


Another massive congratulation to Tuva for putting in all the hours of sweat and hard work, while always smiling and being an example to the young and the old in our community. Keep working hard, keep smiling, the sky is the limit.

For the bigger community, today started with a nice sweatfest in a team of two. 4 different movements in 5:00 intervals got the job done. Fitness was achieved on the tunes of Lenny Kravitz, Tones & I, and TheFatRat (they all made a song called 'Fly Away').

Special shout-out to Chris; check the calories/hour on his bike-erg screen. If you know, you know!

Since the start of September, our facility is back to its old buzz and bubbly atmosphere in the afternoons. The kids and teens are training, we are running the Sunn&Sprekk and Fat2Fit courses, and welcome in our members that like to do egentraining. Today was no different.

Enjoy the evening, recovering from today is easy so we expect everybody back in tomorrow!

Sleep tight,

Thaddeus & Andreas



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