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EMOM Step back lunges and "Anything Else?" 16.11.2021

Hello and a good evening this Tuesday the 16th.

If you had any doubt, I will tell you again that today was leg day.

We had step-back lunges in the strength part of today's WOD, and then some front squats and more lunges after that. It adds up to a lot of volume. So even if you didn't go to a very heavy weight today, you still got a pretty potent training stimulus. Chances are, your body will need to recover from that training a little bit, so be kind to it. Fuel it with some nutritious food, and rest it with some high-quality sleep before getting into some other or lighter movement.

The beauty of today's lunges is that we got to train something we don't train that often. That is, moving both of your hips back and down and then up and forward through space. That requires placing and loading your whole foot firmly on the ground. With this high volume, any positions of the knee or torso that are not up to standard, are gonna get to you quickly. That's fancy for saying it gets harder if you get tired and start to move differently. Maybe you got a little taste of that today.

In the other rooms, it was a bit more quiet day than we are used to over the last few weeks. We still had teens, but no more Dirt Dive on Tuesday. Luckily, that opens up more possibilities for people that like to do egentraining. Just a friendly reminder, if you are doing egentraining in front of the main room (close to the windows to Karmsundsgata), please don't drop your weights there. Our neighbors really hear and feel that and it makes them go bananas. Let's keep them as our friends.

The third room is getting closer and closer to completion. The flooring is now complete, as is the paint job. If you happen to have a minute, peek your head around the corner to see what we are building there for you. As soon as we get all the official approvals from the Kommune, we have another lovely space to train in!

We are enjoying that we see a lot of smiley faces coming back in. A lot of people have been sick or stayed at home to prevent spreading any possible diseases. Thanks for thinking that way about protecting our community and acting on it. If you smile like Ali did today, we'll have some fun once you are back in!

Have a nice evening, and be sure to just "walk it off" tomorrow. After all, movement is the best cure for any soreness. Sore now, strong tomorrow!


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