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Double Knot – 11.Juni.2020

Vi er kommet til 11.Juni. 15.Juni åpner vi igjen. Eller gjør vi det? – Vi håper hvertfall det 🙂

Per nå har vi ikke fått noe informasjon enda, men vi står på og klargjør at alt skal være klar til innetrening 15.juni! – Hører rykter om pressekonferanse i morgen så da krysser vi fingrene for litt informasjon der 🙂

having the awesome weather al day today, we also brought out a heavy but always fun workout called Double Knot. A 3 round workout, each round you had to perform 100 double unders and 21 db thrusters. The perfect opportunity for us all to get more practice in for that skill work and moving something heavy over your head.

To start the class of we had a 30sec work and 10 sec rest of various movements to get everyone warmed up and ready. Then getting our groups that much beter at there double unders of practice and thrusters. Once everyone was ready and had there weight, of to the spec warmup: 3 rounds 20 double/ single unders and 4 thrusters. Then the clock count down and hitting that workout

Trying to keep that composure and focus through out the 3 rounds which is not alot to do being 3 rounds. so first round find a nice tempo for you to maintain, round 2 picking up the pace a little and finally round 3 get the round done quick and then you can rest on the floor with pride

To end off the classes today we had a glute- down. A 8min emom (every min on the min), by completing 15 db romanian deadlifts in one min and 15 db backstep lunges in the other min. With using the db we used for the double knot workout. everyone had kept there composure through out each workout, pushing limits and ending with a smile on there faces. For some it was a day of getting that double under, which is always awesome

Tomorrow being friday and closer to that weekend lets keep it going guys to the end

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