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Deadline, but first: Clean & Jerk - 30.oktober.2023

Fun workout today! Lets climb the Rope and before that hit the Echo Bike and some Deadlifts! also for our Seniors the workout didn´t change! Packed classes and really nice Energy today makes for a great time in the BOX!

Get that heavy stuff up, and get yourself up too. See people turning their head to catch a glimpse of that Rope climbing technique. Stand to lay to stand is the new standard and where do I start to count the rep now???

Ok so when I stand! 😅

Gorilla Backs and Apes have been seen all over the Box today!

Keep them Animals coming, brig your friends and let them have some Primal Fun too 🐻

Just to have an idea how strong our Oldest Members are:

Impressive performances to be seen at 11:30 on Modays ,Wednesdays and Thursdays!

And so much fun and love too!

Here is todays whiteboard:

See ya Tomorrow,

- Oliver/Margrethe



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