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Day Before The Last Meal 05.April.2023

God Kveld Bloggen!

We had a team 2 workout today, that consisted of 3 parts to be completed in 10:00 timeslots.

A little brain gym to figure out how your team could get the best possible workout today, but we saw a lot of great effort and Grit. Especially around the 24:00 minute mark, when things were not always looking as sunny as the weather outside was. Great push to keep on going and finish strong!

As a public service announcement we have:

  • No group classes on Thursday 06, Friday 07, Sunday 09 and Monday 10th of April

  • Access to our facility between 05:00 and 23:00 with an access card

  • Workouts and warm-ups for you in our SugarWOD app and on the TV in the box.

  • Bring-A-Friend (no Barnepass) on Saturday 08th of April

  • Back to our normal schedule from Tuesday 11th of April and onwards.

We hope you have a great Easter Weekend! Remember that the eggs made by chickens are still of more nutritional value than the ones made from chocolate, but that is A-OK to treat yourself every now and then. It is still more important what you eat and do on a day to day basis, than it is what you do during a holiday.

Have a great one, maybe I'll see you this Saturday?!


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