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Chelsea – 24th January 2020

Today workout was not watching a football team, but doing a classic crossfit benchmark called chelsea. What the task was to perform 5 pullups, 10 push-ups and 15 airsquat all under 1min and keep that going for as long as possible. Max time is 30min in total, this would be a challenge for everyone who has done this as normal or scaled down the movements or reps

This workout is also a test for your threshold capacity and mental gain, as camille lblanc (2015 crossfit champions) quoted “When i hit that wall, i tell that wall to get out of the way”

We has started the session of with a long dynamic stretching for what we had done throughout the week and prepare for the task ahead. After that we all got 10mins to practice and prepare ourselves for chelsea mentally saying ourselves that we have this and can push past it. After everyone had the movements down in perfect form, we all went through test rounds to see what scale we picked was the smartest and best way for us to tackle this workout

Then its 3..2..1 GO!!! Everyones performance was on point and tried to attack each round with the best of there abilities, keeping the time for each round between 30/40 secs and making sure they had a tiny break before hitting another round. of course everyone eventually started to get slowing after each round, but everyone pushed on through and got the best score they have. Also we will all be ready nextime to attack this workout and get even better results than last time.

We have had our staff, Andreas, Katrine and Line all in Stockholm since Wednesday and are working, studying hard with knowledge. To make are box even better with coaching experience

Awesome job today everyone, Keep Telling that wall to get out of your way

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