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Buttercup – 25.august.2020

Different day, different workout. After the well-appreciated burpee barf combination of yesterday, today it was time to throw a lot of sexy stuff at you, disguised in the name of Buttercup:

5 x every 3 minutes 4 strict ring muscle up 40 seconds RKC plank 5 deadlifts

For most of you the RKC plank was a new thing. I love this thing. It is a fantastic way of showing that what your feeling in the movement is more important than what your movement looks like. In other words, tension over position. For those that were not there, the RKC plank is a planking variation where you pull your elbows towards your toes while you are holding your plank, thereby activating your sixpack even more than you can. Combine that with a nice squeeze of the ass and your body is on fire! This makes the movement a lot easier for you. Rather than us yelling ´Ass up, shoulders up, hips down, arms forward etc´, it makes you able to feel what is right and wrong. Soft ass and abs = bad. Burning ass and abs = good. No need for correcting, just look for the proper feeling and you know you´re right!

After this, we walked you through some drills for the deadlifts and gave you the different options for the ring muscle up scalings. 3,2,1, go time! The pulling movements, planking and deadlifts took about 90 seconds, thereby giving you time to relax and build up your deadlift. While writing this blogg, I´m almost shaking out of the office due to all the barbells dropping outside so I feel like this building up of the deadlifts is going great!

Then some bragging: The final week of the Strong Course is here, meaning that we are testing again! On the first day we tested our 5 rep max on the squat, and today we tested it again. And it was fantastic. On average, the strong peeps added a whopping 17.9 kilo to their 5 rep max. Almost 18 kilo more on a 5 rep max weight. In 10 weeks. And this was on average. The high score was a 150% increase of strength. Seriously impressive!

Even the 2 most experienced members in the course managed to get an impressive 5 & 10kg increase on there squatting strength, which is a impressive performance. I can keep throwing more numbers at you to describe what an incredible achievement these people have put down in 10 weeks, but I´ll wait for the next testing day on thursday to show a little bit more of.

Do you need some extra strength too? Want to move better of have been stuck on the same weights for a period now? There´s still spots for the next course, starting next Tirsdag! Send me a mail for more info or to sign up:!

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