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Bulgariyay 24.mars.2023

God Kveld bloggefolk!

A heavy, explosive, and challenging workout today. First, on the sprints, we noticed that bringing your body up to speed, slowing it down, and turning it when reacting to somebody else, isn't as easy as when we used to do it every day in the schoolyard. Then, on the workout, once you got the hang of these Bulgarian split squats, it became a little harder to hold your balance as the fatigue set in. And then on to the deep and explosive push-ups! Oy-yoy-yoy-what-a-joy.

Imagine being in Trond's shoes today, he got forced to take on the WOD at Wonderwoman..

In other news, two things happened recently. If you like Nerd-safari's, buckle up, because this is going to be a wild ride.

At the first online meeting of the Certified Weightlifting Crouse, all participants were asked to introduce themselves. I did the typical "Hi my name is Thaddeus, I am 37 years old, work as a coach at CrossFit Verftet, and like to nerd out about subjects that are of interest to me".

Fast forward three weeks later, and I happen to spend some minutes in the office together with Margrethe and Helene. Somehow, that conversation got to Helene casually dropping a compliment. "I sometimes forget how old you are, but you were rapping like a rockstar yesterday and that reminded me that you are not THAT old yet."

Now I have read up on and studied the subject of maintaining or gaining health and fitness while we age for some years. Some people call it healthy aging, others longevity, and others peak performance aging. Whatever you call it, for me it is about remaining young as long as possible and being able to do things that make life worth living. I read Lifespan by David Sinclair a while ago and took away that a process that a lot of people take for granted, cells in your body aging and changing their quantities and qualities, can be offset by challenging or training them.

Nowadays, both Peter Attia and Steven Kotler are releasing a new book on the subject. That means, both of them go on podcasts too (Attia, Kotler), which is a lot easier for the people that learn better through hearing than through reading.

Turns out, as we age, there are qualities like wisdom, creativity, and empathy that we can develop to levels that are impossible to reach before we get older. On the other hand, there are some use-it-or-lose-it skills (like strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination) that we have to train to minimize the slow decrease that happens to so many aging humans. If we skip the training, we might have some intellectual skills that are on a high level but not the body to express them. Luckily we do CrossFit, are ready for everything, and will kick ass even in our eighties.

So there you have it, your starter pack to read up on how to age like a savage. And the reason I take Helene's remark as a compliment, she must have meant something between the lines about my wisdom, empathy, and creativity 😘😉. (It can not all have been about my declining fitness!)

Have a great weekend, take some time to learn some new stuff, spend time with the ones you love, and do what you like. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow at BAF. Cheers!


PS, want to have a soundtrack to listen to? Per Steinar trains with us, but also released a new album with his band. Check it out!



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