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Big Bang 21.mars.2022

God Kveld Folkens!

After a weekend with the 22.4 team competition on Saturday, we were off to a great start to the week.

This Saturday we had 21 teams competing at our own in-house dessert to the Crossfit Open. Over the course of 4 workouts, with plenty of spectators and smoothies, we had a great time with the community. A lot of people got back into some serious training, surprised themselves and their teammate with their performances, and might have felt their 🍑 or 🍗🍗 on Sunday.

The three teams on the podium at the end of the day were:

3rd place: Thor Arne & Sven Ivar

2nd place: Eskild & Olaf

1st place: Karen & Lotte

Congratulations once again to everybody and thanks for a wonderful day.

Today we started the week with a Big Bang. Power cleans, jumping rope, and a run on the official first day of spring. All go-muscles!

At the 06:00 class, Mari completed the run for the first time and was cheered in by everybody to celebrate this highlight #inthefeelz

Ann-Kristin did her first 3 double-unders, and I know Jarl-Vidar and Anna have lately surprised themselves with how many doubles they can string together by screaming out loud!

Jan is making the best of the situation by once again showing up to do rowing and push-ups while his ankle is in a cast. A great example that if you have hurt one limb, there are still three others to work with. The seniors did 5:00 of med ball cleans, 6:00 of jumping rope, and an 800m run or brisk walk today. The training we do with our age groups differs by degree, not by kind. The teens gave another example of this as Karen took them through air squats, strict pull-ups, and burpees today.

All in all, another day of doing awesome stuff with awesome people.

I like it!

Good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.


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