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Belly of the Beast + Tests - 16. December. 2021

Another day going on in cover land, but we make the best of it, For today challenge we wanted to give everyone a test.

Seeing how much are shoulders and form can take until fail is always a good thing to do once and a while, especially for the end of the year to test our fitness. Giving everyone a workout of pushing and pulling to challenge the arm endurance and to after flex the arm to others will always be fun to do.

Seniors had a fun workout to do with rowing, ring rows and kettle bells to have as one of there last full week of training before the christmas celebration. After there training, celebrating the year of hard work with coffee and cake is always a nice time to have

Some of the members grouped up and had there own workout in mind, with some small amraps and other groups liked to try mikkos Triangle instead nice job guys

Well great to have you guys coming in and still making the times fun and enjoyable thank you and hope to still see you guys at the box - Ben

Sorry for not having a video for you to say what the workout is, so hoping writing it is just as good

For tomorrow we a for time workout called Weapons of choice

For time -

30 Power Snatch

100 Wallballs

20 Powers Snatch


Cashout (midline Feast)

3 rounds for quality:

10 heavy DB sit ups

10 plate V-ups

rest 1min between rounds

See you all tomorrow and if this is not your thing, dont worry we will make anything work for you guys to at least get your training in for the day


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