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Back Pump -18.september.2023

What a packed day! So much things happening here. Not only the workout was awesome also the coaching was topnotch! Handstand holding and Handstand pushing after some PowerCleans and Rowing. Who doesn´t like that!?

We found our new Best t-shirt:

See how Andreas can still hold a Handstand.

Some Bareback Strong Backs Rowing.

Full classes with a lot of people on boxes and on the Bars.

Also the weekend was a great Day for our young Athletes competing in Stavanger. People of Verftet cheering on Tuva and Mia.

Download JPG • 1.33MB

Big Announcement for our Seniors:

Issa had Birthday last week and celebrated in the Box not only with a great cake but with a 120kg Deadlift! But the others are also staying very strong in their best years! Check it out:

Vigdis and Leila with 95kg!! Graham and Gunnar with 100kg!!

Everyday this Community is getting fitter, more attached to each other and is creating so much Value! Spread it and let people be a part of it!

Whiteboard and Scores:

Sleep tight!

- Oliver & Margrethe



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