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Apologies - 15.Februar.2022

Hope everyones tuesday went well. What we was aiming for on this workout and apologies for this hahaha, is to have a game plan that worked well for you and only you. Having 3 movements and repeat it 3 times is a medium pace kind of workout, but to not have a plan and just go all out is something that will take you longer than it should.

Good news of this is each time you start again on your workout its was less reps, the bad news is what the movements are. wallballs, toes 2 bar and burpee box jump are heavy for breathing and taxing movements to try and keep going through and finish fast.

But if you break them up to what works well for you, the workout wont seem so bad. For everyone today, they started to get a idea of what is to come of this workout. But the best thing about planning this workout, is that you can do that to everything you do in crossfit

Awesome work today everyone see you all tomorrow with a new workout and a new gameplan - Ben



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