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Anaerobic Threshold - 21.Januar.2021

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Well what a hard and busy we all had at the box today. Getting through a tough workout, having

20secs of sprint action to get those explosive muscle fibures going, then trying to get the tempo and heart rate down with 2min active recovery rowing then stopping to have a 2min rest. But the whole best thing about that, is we got to do it all over again 6 more times after the firsrt one.

Flow of the class was to get the body warm and ready, biking and rowing for 3min each and getting a sweat on. Then teaching everyone on the points for active recovery and breathing methods to attack it in the best way


we killed this workout, giving it the best of our abilities and putting the pedal to the floor for 20secs. Everyone today destroyed this workout in the best way possible. awesome jobs

A few things happened this week and today, Mart and Andreas wanted to turn our kitchen/reception into a podcast studio and had it going like professionals, even though not really knowing what to do hahaha

Teens and Kids started back up again and hitting off to the top and finally we ahve started our first session of our Fat to Fit course

Again awesome job guys Keep it up



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