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A Little Sum'thing 09.november.2021

Hello hello, good evening everybody!

We had a beautiful day in Haugesund with little rain during the daytime and a very challenging workout. Just the way we like it. These Tuesdays always feel like I get to see the full Verftet family, with the normal WOD's, Seniors, Teens, and a Course on the program.

In the dirt dive course; the participants did their first test for the final week. They got their very own WOD, aptly named "Badass Angels" and dominated it.

The intent of today's workout in the regular classes was to get you tired with the box jumps and toes to bar, to then challenge you with the snatch. Technically a very difficult movement, let alone when you are breathing heavy and are doing it for 10 rounds. Your progress for today could then be just drilling the movement pattern, or challenging that movement with a bit of extra load over the rounds. Don't miss the forest for the trees by thinking it is just about a heavy snatch, it is about building better mechanics, consistency, and then intensity over the long run. We want you to be back tomorrow and we want you to still be in with us 3 months or 3 years from now. It might look like a lesser challenge to focus on these mechanics, consistency, and only then intensity, but don't be fooled. A lot of processes are simple (not easy) like this and are very rewarding in the long run.

Sometimes we say "just grip it and rip it". Today was not that day. Or maybe...

Sigurd took the "Hulk" to a whole new level. Anyway, we live to fight another day. Tomorrow, please bring that fight. But also keep in mind, that we are all in this for the long run. Stay safe, stay healthy, work on getting fitter. Rest up, feed yourself and fuel your inner fire for another workout.

Now for quality, catch as many Zzzz's as you can tonight. We will meet again soon.




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