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2K Row test, and some swimming. 30.11.2021

Good evening everybody and thanks for reading today's blog post.

On this last Tuesday in November, we had another fun day at Verftet.

In our regular class, we did a benchmark of two kilometers of rowing with some swimming on the side. Mind you, we used the row-erg as most Crossfitters do and didn't really go in the water (cold exposure, anyone?). The teens had a training session that ended with a focus on their mindset and how to harness that to their benefit. We had visitors from Haugesund Topidrettsgymnas to do a practice run for their Functional Fitness competition. For some students, that was a match "at home".

Since this is the last Tuesday in November, it is also the last Tuesday before the Juleball and we already see some preparations taking place. That must have been one heavy sled/shopping cart push. It's beginning to look a lot like... Crossfit.

We saw a lot of athletes today making a plan for the 2k, with three distinct phases. A sprint start, a decent pace they could hold on to in the middle, and then a sprint finish. Executing this plan sets you up for success, or gives you a nice lesson along the way if you overestimated the pace. This way of making a plan and executing it pays off in these benchmark events. It gives you a lot of feedback for your next attempt and maybe even a time to improve on. Sometimes as little as half a second on a 2k can make a difference!

Anyway, I will let you have a look at the whiteboard one more time just to make sure you will remember your own time. After all, we are not keeping score to make this a competition, we are keeping score to log our power output and see if we can improve next time we tackle this beast.

Enjoy the evening, rest up and recover. We need something left in the tank to finish this week off strong and celebrate together over the weekend. I hope to see you there!




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