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Wunderfull - 13.Januar.2021

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

A bit a tricky workout today, which was mostly caused by the way the workout was put on the board. It was a 10 round workout, where 1 round was 30 double unders, 20 sit-ups and 10 strict handstand push-ups or hand-release push-ups. And exactly that line-up made it a lot harder than it looked. Because, how bad can 20 sit-ups be? Or 10 push-ups?

Well, if you figure out that it were 200 sit-ups and 100 handstand push-ups in total, pretty bad. Thats why the coaches highly advised you guys to take it easy in the beginning, even if it all feels way too light!

The 23 min timecap was do-able for most of you, giving you enough time to finish the workout but also challenging you to not slow down to much. More timecap and you could have taken it too easy, so it was good to put a limit on this. A solid, typical CrossFit workout to test your conditioning and pushing strength with a fatigued core. Nice little break in the middle of the week!


As you might have noticed, there´s some ice and snow outside. We´re salting the ground as much as we can, but that doesn´t mean that the ground in front of the door is always 100% good. Please be mindful that it can be a bit slippery outside the entrance. Also, feel free to let the coach on duty know that it´s slippery and we´ll be straight on it!



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