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Fredagsbloggen: Power up, Rope toe, Have a Ball

💛 Business Highlights

💃 511 People are now active Clients in our system for both Verftet Locations. All time high 📈

🌟 Used a lot of time on future improvements at Minde this week, It's fun to see how this forces Haugesund to develop and grow. I'm looking forward to sharing some big news soon 👋

🎉 Oliver has a lot of questions and is interested in the flexibility & mobility course

🏋️ Our lifting course with Anders lindsjø is making improvements and we are announcing courses for Q3 and Q4 next week. Have an early look at the link above.

We had some fun making some flyers for Hauekeland 🏥

Here you can see a quick update from Ingrid for Minde´s highlights:

Noen av ukas høydepunkter

1: Team Verftet har hatt besøk av overhode @askelandandreas  Andreas startet @crossfitverftethgsd for snart 9 år siden, og tok i februar steget for å åpne sitt andre senter @crossfitverftetminde i Bergen sammen med @ingridbaartvedt  Denne uka har vi hatt to effektive dager hvor vi har sugd til oss kunnskap og erfaringer fra Andreas, slik at @crossfitverftetminde kan bli minst like bra som Haugesund

2: Marith, som er en del av 6.15-gjengen på Minde, har vært på gjestetrening i Haugesund med en herlig gjeng  Visste du at du med medlemskap hos oss har fri tilgang til både Minde og Haugesund? Både gruppetimer og egentrening

3: Deloitte har hatt sin første bedriftstrening  En fantastisk måte å bygge relasjoner med kollegaer utenfor arbeidsplassen. Mye tyder på at å gjennomføre fysisk aktivitet sammen som et team bygger sterkere relasjoner og gjør oss til bedre lagkamerater på flere arenaer. En god investering i de ansattes helse og trivsel

4: Ingrid og Andreas har vært på reklameringstur i nabolaget  Med lokasjon på Minde har vi utallige kule bedrifter som nærmeste naboer - inspirerende og råe mennesker som vi har lyst at skal bli en del av gjengen vår. Flere bedrifter er i gangavstand, og Haukeland Universitetssykehus ligger bare 5 minutter unna med bybanen - hadde jo vært perfekt med en treningsøkt rett etter jobb?  

5. Medlemmene våre blir bare råere og råere på tauklatring  og det vare etter 3 runder i tauet de siste månedene! Med god veiledning og riktige tilpasninger er tauklatring mulig for alle  

I kulissene arbeider vi med mange spennende prosjekter som vi ikke kan avsløre helt enda: Noen hint

Stay tuned

This Fridays Blogg has Banging stuff on people going Personal Bests!

  • Running in Wednesday was really great in the sun and fresh air. Spring is coming 🙂‍↔️

  • The Rope Climbs are back an we have at least 3 people who made it their first time up!

  • Fridays Wallball Workout was a blast! Even the Seniors went all out on this one.

Before the Run on Wednesday we had the opportunity to lift heavy weights and feel strong like Hulk 🧌. Fun warmup also!   The 16.15 class, lead by Jan Morten, insisted on the full 5 minutes to beat the 15.15 class who only had 4 min. Lots of heavy and technically sound deadlifts. Newbie Sigrun showed great mindset- putting brand new movements together step by step- all the while smiling and working hard

Marith på Besøk fra Minde: Marith or is it the Bicep of Thomas that stands out?

Climbing the Rope is so satisfying and was a goal for Roar this Year! He already nailed it in February and is now our Gorilla of the Month in March! 🦍

also on that Day:

  • Tuva doing first Quarterfinals Workout

  • The Seniors going for Tabata Russian Twist and 50 Wallballs

  • Guro got her first Ropeclimb to the TOP! 💥

Firdays we got heavy again on the Backsquat and then some great condotioning peace with Wallballs and Row/Machine!

Know for our Mobility and Flexibility Seminar to start on 1st May 2024, hear Birthe who has something to say about the last Seminar:

Do you need more input to decide if you want to attend?

Read 9 sentences what Mobility and Flexibility can do for you:

  1. These exercises improve joint range of motion, allowing for better movement in daily activities and sports.🧎🏼‍♀️

  2. They reduce the risk of injury by relieving muscle tension and soreness, aiding in faster recovery.❤️‍🩹

  3. Stretching promotes muscle flexibility, preventing strain and enhancing overall muscle health.

  4. Furthermore, mobility exercises correct posture and balance, reducing the likelihood of injuries due to poor alignment. ⛑️

  5. Improved balance and coordination enhance stability and make movements safer and more efficient.✨

  6. Beyond physical benefits, these exercises promote mental well-being by providing stress relief and relaxation. 🙂‍↔️

  7. Mindful engagement in mobility and flexibility exercises improves body awareness and mindfulness. 🧠

  8. By prioritizing these aspects of fitness, individuals can optimize performance and enjoy a higher quality of life. 🥳

  9. Overall, incorporating mobility and flexibility training into one's routine offers holistic benefits for both physical and mental health. 🤩

👀 Where to book? In your App Wondr, find the Button that says "Course":

To end off today Blogg: Your Scores on the Whiteboard:



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