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Onsdagsbloggen HGSD - Bench Press & Lucky Devil - Mikko's Triangle

Gooooooooooood Lillelørdag!

First things first. Over the past weekend, athletes who qualified through the Open had a chance to compete in the quarterfinals. We had a nice list of athletes from our box that qualified, but as far as I know, only Mia and Tuva chose to compete and try it.

Based on the unofficial leaderboards, Tuva has entered 17th place in Europe. That means she will continue to move on to the Semifinals and have more workouts to prove her fitness and measure it against the other girls her age worldwide. We are rooting for you, Tuva! 🤞🫶💪


Bench Press @ 80% & Lucky Devil

On Monday, a.k.a International Chest Day, we bench-pressed. As part of our strength cycle, we aimed for as many technically sound reps as we could manage at 80% of our max.

At the 10:15 class, we baptized Kristoffer into Mr. Bench Press, and with a nickname like that, the 105 kilograms on the bar for reps did not disappoint.

Then we went on into a team 2 workout incorporating the Devil's Bike and the Devil's Press. Overall, the bench press, kipping from toes to bar, and devil's press added up to a bunch of upper body work. I knew I woke up with a pretty tight chest on Tuesday morning.


Mikko's Triangle

No! Not that triangle!

If you have an hour to spare and would like to peek at the grassroots of competitive CrossFit, there is a free 60-minute documentary on Mikko Salo and his victory in the CrossFit Games 2009. You'll get an up-close and personal look at this stoic Finnish Firefighter and watch footage of him Finnishing (padum tss 🥁) on top of the podium that year.

His conditioning workout was on our menu last Tuesday, and it was as much a mental as a physical challenge. Some people thrive on that, and I would like to take this occasion to highlight the performance of our in-house-poet Alexander. Veldig Bra! With Benchmark workouts like this, which we repeat every now and then, there are always more people who improve their work capacity over time. Any upgrade of your fitness is worth celebrating, so ring the bell!

Mikko has his own way of seeing things, illustrated by this legendary quote:

Luckily, we were not all fire breathers, and there was enough reason to smile during the workout.

For today's punch-out line, we have to take a look at Linnea's shirt. With a background in gymnastics, only she can pull this off.

Get your vitamins and get your sleep. I hope to see you in the gym again soon!

Bye Bye Butterfly!




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