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Onsdagbloggen HGSD; Shoulder Press - Only Fools Rush In - The Admiral

God lillelørdag alle!

We have had another varied half week of moving large loads over long distances quickly!

I'll run you through the workouts, highlights, scores, and some banter.

Monday: Shoulder Press & Only Fools Rush In

Wise man say: Only lift heavy weights while the technique is spotless. They also sing that only fools rush in, but I can't help but start the workout a little hot anyway. The athletes who started this workout with a 4-minute round, followed by a 6-minute round and an 8-minute round, have probably felt better on other days. What's in a name, right?!

We preceded this workout by pressing a heavy weight over our heads, and I have a little story and real-life observation about that.

On an airplane, your carry-on luggage is supposed to go in the overhead bins. All those little trolleys (who carries their luggage anyway?! Sooooooooo 2001) go there, and everybody knows that's where you put your heavy stuff because airlines will make you pay extra if your checked suitcase is over the weight limit, but they won't charge extra for a 19-kilo trolley. You'd be surprised how many people do not manage to get that trolley in the overhead bins! They can pack it and roll it through the airport, but sure as heck, they are not getting that thing off the ground and over their heads.

And it gets worse! Or, actually, it got worse before you boarded your plane. Because everywhere around you, you see people who cannot even lift their arms all the way over their heads when they go through that scan at security! My point is that if you are in a gym lifting a barbell over your head, you are already in the top 5% of people with plenty of functional capacity for life and travel. From now on, BAF can also be short for Bring A Fellow-traveller-who-needs-some-functional-training.

Tuesday: The Admiral

If you, like me, grew up watching NBA basketball in the 1990s, you probably associate "the Admiral" with David Robinson. This nickname was given to him because he served in the US Navy and stuck with him in the NBA. If you did not, this is the highlight reel of what you missed.

Anyway, this is a longer CrossFit workout, and the reps start to add up over the rounds. It's good that our heavy squats are not coming up on the program before Friday!


Sindre has made his debut as a coach; expect to see this strong man on our floor more often! Welcome to the team, and welcome back to Verftet!

Olli is running another edition of his Mobility Course. The blog post on Friday will provide more detailed information. In the meantime, here's a video showing how to sign up for his course in Wondr. If you can not lift your arms all the way over your head at the security scan, this one is for you!

Lost & Found. We found it. Now is the time to see what is yours before we give it to people who can use it better than we can, this Friday.

See you soon, Racoon!



Onur has a really good joke about penguins. Ask him about it, and I guarantee you will both smile!



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