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Wiped Clean – 28.september.2020

Rise and shine baby! After yet another weekend with nice weather, it´s time to get back to work today. And when we say work, we mean some real work: Wiped Clean:

On paper, maybe not the most challenging workout ever seen. No impossible heavy weights, no high-skill gymnastic stuff, ´just´15/12 calories on the bike, what´s the big deal? Well, those who were here today, know what the big deal was: Melkesyre all over the place!

I walked into the gym this morning, seeing people crawling over the floor. I already knew what the workout was and was planning on doing it myself that hour, but I didn´t quite understand why these people where crawling over the floor. It´s just a little EMOM right?! But a spice one. Starting with 30 airsquats made the bike a hell of a lot harder. During that bike ride, your legs got some real pump which made the clean&jerks a leg workout instead of a breathing-thing(?!). And that was only round number one.

Since the slowest time of today was your score, it´s no time of set back & relax after round number one. It is only getting harder from here, but you don´t want to give in too much to ruin your nice time of round number one. A fight. A fight with melkesyre and breathing. But as usual, lovely when it´s all over. Let the week begin!



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