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Verftet Gymnastic Benchmark 2 - 1 Februar.2023

Good evening!

Today we had our Verftet gymnastics benchmark, part 2. I (John) joined the 10:15 class so I could compare my results from last November and follow my progress. I coached the class at 16:00, 18:00, and 19:00 where I had the opportunity to celebrate the athlete's achievements... we had many PRs :). (I think tomorrow I will feel my core :-D).

Now that our athletes have tested and re-tested this Benchmark, you can have a look at your own score and draw some conclusions. Did you improve? What aspect are you really good at? What aspect might need some more practice and training? I think, that if you scored a minimum of 10 reps at each station of our two gymnastic benchmarks, that is a great indication that next time we do this benchmark you are up for a bigger challenge, less help from bands and weight plates, or move up a scale. We are testing for a broad gymnastic base, not just for the peak of your ability on, let's say, the GHD sit-ups. You'll recognize the athletes who did find their peak level on the GHD tomorrow and the days after, they will hunch over a bit and for a few days not enjoy laughing.

Tuva joined Margrethe today and was shot in action with the Seniors.

The boys from Vard and athletes at Bring A Friend had a blast with some strongmen exercises in Room 3.

All in all, another day of doing the hard work it takes to get fitter. Eat your veggies, catch your sleep, so we can see you again tomorrow for some sweating and barbell cycling!

John & Thaddeus



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