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Triton - 25.Januar.2020

Today was a typical workout to show all the sexy tricks that CrossFit has to offer, or to work towards those sexy tricks. A workout consisting of a high-skill gymnastic movement, the muscle up, and a high-skill barbell movement, the push jerk. If you didn´t do the workout as it was on the bord, don´t worry, 95% of the people scale a workout like this down. But that doesn´t mean that it´s not fun to every now and then do a workout that shows what CrossFit at it´s highest skill-level can be like!

We got a lot of time today to practice. We practiced the transition of the Ring Muscle up, in general the hardest part of the movement, where we pulled ourselves through low-hanging rings to end on top of the rings. If you can do a ring dip and a ring pull-up, this transition is often the missing piece that you need for your complete ring muscle ups. In general, it´s the golden key to unlocking this movement. So if you want to learn this movement, transitions is your way to go!

Afterwards, we still had a lot of time to practice the push jerk. An aggressive push under the bar was the focus for today, which we practiced without the barbell in our hands. Good playtime to build up the movements gave us coaches even more possibilities to teach proper movement and help you guys get the right weight.

Scaling correctly was important today. You don´t want to make it to hard, to heavy or to difficult, because then the intensity drops because you have to pause all the time. But going to easy also wasn´t what we were looking for, especially not when you´re done after 7 minutes and looking at us like ´and now what?´ . But with the right weights and the right scaling for the RMU, what a workout it is. Breath, strength, barbells flying around. What more can we want for our Monday. We have a very exciting week lined up for you guys, enjoy!

By the way: Bring a jacket to training this week, we might be doing some outside stuff;)



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