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Thrust the devil 15.mai.2020

Today we had dry weather at least for the last day before the weekend. Today was a very fun and challenging workout.

Started today with a emom8 (every min on the min). Starting with 3 burpees and 3 air squats, for each min you go up by 1 rep. This really got people warmed up and ready to practice with there best friends (db)

We had everyone grab 2 db´s and work on our perfect technique for backward lunges, thrusters and devil press. After everyone had got the hang of the techniques, everyone started building there weight they are working the workout in. The idea of this workout is to keep mentally tough through this workout, whilst not making the mistake of picking too heavy or too light db´s

After everyone has the weight the workout had begun, attacking each round within 5min and making sure they all had time to rest and attack the next round with pretty form. Everyone who has trained here before or are new here, worked super hard to feel achieved and really earned that cake and alcohol for what´s to come on sunday (17th mai)

Awesome job everyone, have a god helg and a fantastic 17th may



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