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The Chief – 27.august.2020

Benchmark Time! Today, we did one of the classical CrossFit Workouts, a nice interval workout consisting of 5 AMRAPS of 3 minutes of 3 power cleans, 6 push-ups and 9 airsquats. Everytime with a 1 minute break inbetween!

As you can see on the board, your total scores was the amount your reps you have done in the total workout. The key here is to maintain consistency on the airsquats. The powercleans should be scaled that way that they are relatively easy, maintainable and not to taxing on the breath. Also the push-ups should be scaled in such a way that doing all 6 of them unbroken is no problem, leaving you with the airsquats. And man.. They burn;). After 4 rounds of blazing through the workout, we saw a lot of teeth grinding airsquats. Biting through it was the only remedie! Remember to put your score down somewhere for yourself or remember the name of the workout, because this one will definitely come back in 6 months!

And may I use this blogg to give one more HUGE shout out to my Strong People! Today was the final day of the strong course and we had an average of +28.9 on their Deadlift. Can you imagine? Getting a almost 30 kg heavier deadlift in 10 weeks.

This brings the total of gained weight on the Squat and Deadlift combined at 232 KG. Verftet will need a lot more plates now for these people. A seriously impressive performance, Build by dedication, hard work and sjokolademelk 😉

Then to close off a ”huishoudelijke mededeling” as we say in dutch, a notification from the box: We came at the box in the morning and found the door still unlocked. We love all you guys to come in day and night to train, but please remember to lock the door (click the switch on ”stengt”) after you leave. That way we keep the medlemmers in and the cats out!



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