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Team Neat - 11.August.2021

Quite the spectacular Team-workout today. Where normally a teamworkout consist of quite low-technique grind work for a longer period of time, today we took a different approach. A 15 minute sweatfest with heavy deadlifts, Bar muscle-ups and bike calories. Oh ja, and the Bar-muscle ups had to be synchro as well. Sexy stuff.

Of course, we know that a lot of people cannot do a bar muscle-up (yet?). Therefor, we needed to scale down the movements to burpee pull-ups or a variation on this. This is a typical example where you have to scale a workout down because of the complexity. But do you know that there is a lot more reasons to scale a workout?


This is a thing we say a lot on the Netherlands, what basically means that if you scale the workout correctly, you will reach the finishline, whatever that may be. On the other hand, if you scale incorrectly, you will not only not reach the finish line, there is bigger consequences that might happen. We talk a lot about this in our intro 1-on-1: The workout on the board is not holy, it's not a prescription that everybody has to follow.

If we have 14 members in a class, chances are quite big that we have 14 different workouts going on. Most people do things a little bit different: because of an injury, because they miss a certain skill, because they want to work on a specific skill and therefor make the rest of the workout easier.. There are many different reasons to change and personalize the workout that's on the whiteboard to make it more fit for you.

At Verftet, we have 3 different scaling-options already on the board, to make it a bit easier for you to adjust it, but we also have very professional coaches that can help you with all your individual needs. If you feel your shoulder a bit weird, please don't accept this because 'its only a little bit of pain', and do the snatches anyway. Hereby you are risking hurting yourself and not being able to do snatches for the next weeks. In that case, it's much better to adjust the workout today, and maybe the rest of the week, so you are a 100% good to go again next week. Long term health over short term pleasure!

See you back tomorrow, sleep and rest well tonight:)



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