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Sweaty Thursty-11.januar.2024

Who got thirsty today? I got thirsty only by seeing 40 Min EMOM! Yes 40 Minutes of just smashing things into the ground pulling aggressively, going for a great time on the echo bike, and working your body with no Rest! Who would have thought this would be so heavy?

Todays workout had a lot to do with your cardiorespiratory endurance. Sound great and means basically your Heart is getting stronger your Lung capacity is getting bigger, the venes and arteries get a nice cleaning up, and your body will be able to get oxygen into all the places it belongs!

Better bodies = better lifes, always working on getting 1% better every Day!

See happy people, slamming balls, and a lot more:

We are also seeing progress in Bergen! Check it out 🤩

Here is Whiteboard and Scores:

- Oliver & Margrethe



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