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Onsdagsbloggen HGSD - Bench Press & Saucy Little Bunny, The Extra Mile.

Goooooooooooooooooood Lillelørdag folkens!

Here's your update on our workouts and honorable mentions from the last half week.

First, let me share a little observation with you. In my perception, I'm not a tourist because I live here. But I'm not a local because I still have a hard time dissecting the dialect and stay away from eating fermented sheep heads. Language-wise, one of the things that stands out to me is that you can translate the English word story into the Norwegian "historie", which resembles the English 'history" quite a lot.

Last Monday, Elin shared her "historie" with me while we were doing PT in Room 2. The "bomb room" or "the place where it all started" for Verftet. She was there during the early days, but I was not (yet). There was a "crusty couch", some jitters that all beginners doing CrossFit have, but most of all, some tremendous examples of progress in and out of the gym. As faith would have it (or is this big tech listening in on us? 😇🧐), this image shows up on my phone the next day.

Ain't that the truth?! Amen to that 🫶🙏.

Last Friday, the blog mentioned that we had some extra cleaning up after a day of training without coaches present in the previous week. Helge joined the BAF on Saturday and took that message to heart, going the extra mile to clean up after 27 minutes of legless rope climbs. It was Elisbeth's first time coaching the BAF; you'll see more of her smile on Saturdays. We had some impressive performances, with Frode completing all legless rope climbs and Hege completing her first rope climb. Roar did an even more remarkable feat, sweating the Batman logo onto his t-shirt.

Our 24.4 CrossFit Open t-shirts are unfortunately (still) stuck at the printers, waiting for everybody's names to be printed on them. As soon as we get the green light that all of these shirts are printed, we will let you know and hand-deliver them to each and every one of you who signed up for it. Until we know exactly when we can deliver your shirt, we will not charge you for it yet.

Reminder: You have until Friday to pre-order your custom jump rope and Grips from Velites. The papers with QR codes are in the coffee area. Pay by VIPPS to secure your order.

Last household memo. We want to remind you that When you are set up to meet one of our coaches one-on-one, our coaches block this time so they can entirely focus on you and not be distracted. They schedule this into their working calendar and build their days around it. Unfortunately, there are instances where these appointments have to be rescheduled or postponed; life happens. Please do this more than 24 hours in advance so we can minimize the number of people waiting for each other and maintain flexibility to help as many of our athletes as possible, in the best way possible. There is a 50% late cancellation fee (within 24 hours) and a no-show fee for these appointments, which is also communicated in any booking confirmation email for these appointments. This relates to PTs, nutritional guidance, in-body scans, and Personal Success conversations. Like the late cancel and no-show fees from our group classes, these fees are used to cover the expenses for our events. In other words, bad times turned into good times!

Monday: Bench Press 90% and Saucy Little Bunny

(Sidenote: I can 100% guarantee that if you search for this workout title on Google, the big tech algorithm will take you on a wild ride... Type at your own risk)

In our strength cycle, we have made our way up to the significant percentages and serious plates on the bench press bar. All that pressing will lead to an impressive treasure chest! Next week, we will return to the movements of shoulder press, deadlift, and back squat and revisit our 80-85-90% weights to see if we can improve the number of reps we have done before!

With big sets of swinging a heavy kettlebell, hand-release push-ups, and a stint on the rower, this workout was anything but a breeze. Great work through the full range of motion solidified that base of pushing power. It will be needed when Murph comes up at the end of May.

Tuesday: The Extra Mile

"Go the extra mile; it's never crowded!"

Roadworks forced us to alter our regular running route today, but luckily nobody got lost. Maybe we can add "a sense of direction" to the physical skills contributing to fitness. The less you have of it, the longer you will run and the more fit you have to become.

To get the most challenging workout for all our athletes at all different fitness levels, we updated this workout a little during the day. We had the luxury of being able to bounce some ideas off the unofficial "Prince of Comptrain" who is visiting Tuva and coaching her at the upcoming Semi-Finals (I'm pretty sure he'll help out Mia, too). In the afternoon, WonderWoman athletes did 7 strict pull-ups in each round, adding 20% of the reps to it. Among others, Morten and Håkon showed us what they were truly made of by completing this!

We are only halfway through the week. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. There are some special days coming up with plenty of opportunities for movement and healthy choices!

Hope to see you soon!

Out the door, Dinosaur! 🦖



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