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Freddaggsbloggen😁: Power Cleans, Donny, Big business, FSQ & Bummed Out | Week 19.24

New week, new Wins

Business Highlights 🎉

📈 Minde has 10 new long-term contracts this week

🦸‍♀️ Lots of Grips & Jump Ropes are on their way

⛱️ Planning the summer for you guys, we will announce all the exciting news on how we will nudge you guys into a lot of exercise 🤓. Stay tuned!

🔂 In progress to hire a full-time Coach

🆕 Next week we are announcing some semi NEWS on the Personal Training side 📈

🦸‍♂️ I want to become a SUPER STAR ✓

Let´s explain our Super Star rules in detail

✓ You need to complete 16 or more training sessions via Wondr or SugarWOD

✓ In Wondr you automatically get counted when joining one of our classes. You will now also get counted if you track your own workout.

👋 If you open the door when you get to, or are home the app will automatically log your own workout for that day

✓ In SugarWOD we count active days. If you log one of our classes plus put in your workout, we can track that.

📝 In both apps you can see your overview of that month if the app says 16 or more days that month you are going to be a superstar 💛

‼ When tracking your workouts it needs to be a real workout, just like one you would do in our classes. Taking a walk, easy jog, paddle tennis, golf, etc. is a daily activity, not exercise. We love daily activity but you don´t get on our SuperStar list unless you have done real workouts 16 or more times. If you do that you have some real, magical results coming your way 📈♥️

Going out of the Gym this Friday felt like this today. After Donny, 90 Deadlifts, who would have thought our Legs would be so shaky now 🧐 And Bummed Out Frontsquats didn´t make it better. So legs are gonna be strong next week, when we go back to 80%🤩

Also, Power Cleans makes us stronger, even if somebody says no, no, ouch.

Great Achievement:

Rikke PR’d her 1 rm power clean, by 5 kilo’s, and did 3 reps!🥳

Front Squats & Bummed Out

Friday then tackles the front side of the body with loads of squats and sit-ups.

✓ Tuva has completed all the Semifinals workouts but is repeating them this weekend. She will announce when she is doing them in our Facebook group.

Mamas & Papas

Remember we have Mamas & Papas training every Monday, Wednesday & Friday 11.30 - 12.30. Please share the message 🌟

This is also a workout that you join as a nonmama & papa 👋

We are CLOSING the feedback loop 🔂😂

Thank you for another great week 👋



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