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Sweaty Strongman – 30.November.2020

Oyoyoyoy this is my stuff. A good old fashioned StrongMan Workout. Of course, CrossFit being CrossFit, we had to combine it with some cardio machines, but the main goal was to throw around some heavy weights:

Today was a combination of typical StrongMan exercises, The farmer carry, Sandbag Clean and Sled push. Why do I like these exercises so much? Because you can really, really push the intensity without adding extra risk of injury.

These exercises are pretty low on the so called WES-Scale. I won´t go too deep into that but it basically comes down to the principle of complexity versus intensity. The more complex a movement, the more difficult it is to really go into high intensity on that movement. A snatch for example is pretty high on the WES-scale: As a beginner, it´s almost impossible to find really high intensity without compromising on the technique of the snatch.

The movements of today were low on this scale: Low-skill, there´s not much what can go wrong. And that´s what I like about that, almost everybody, beginner to advanced athlete, can really go deep into these movements. You don´t have to be a well-trained athlete to find some serious intensity on the sled push, it´s just a matter of how hard you are willing to push it. And pushing we did. You guys got 5 minutes on each station, to get as many reps as possible. Again, how deep are you willing to go? It´s a good thing it´s a buddyworkout, since it´s always easier to push when there´s somebody on your shoulder yelling with you. Nice Strong Workout, nice strong week. A lot of new movements today and in the upcoming week as well, so just show up and let´s go!

Christmas Workout

We updated our Christmas Workout Plan in Mindbody. On the 24th of december, we´ll be hosting 3 workouts of 90 minutes, totally Christmas Themed. Make sure to sign up fast, because in the past, these workouts were always highly populair with a big waitlist, so don´t wait too long! The workout and Chrismas vibe we´ll take care off, you just show up and look pretty!



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